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AMVI has been involved in the Automotive Industry for over 25 years holding the Licensed RTA examiner / proprietor accreditation for 20 over years. There are a number of reasons why AMVI are requested to inspect motor vehicle.

  • Point of entry, lock operation and vehicle integrity verification in Motor vehicle theft incidents
  • Diagnostic scanning to ascertain possible pre-existing and current vehicle faults and immobiliser status of a vehicle after theft recovery
  • Fluid extraction and sampling to identify / verify pre- existing and current mechanical faults
  • Full mechanical safety inspection to verify roadworthiness of a motor vehicle prior to theft or motor vehicle accident
  • Verification of Motor vehicle accidents - circumstances and damage

An investigation may also include us examining driver qualifications, auditing logbooks, or reviewing other transport or Industry compliance related materials as necessary.


  • Mechanical and electrical evaluation of stolen/recovered vehicles to ascertain the viability and quantum of repairs.
  • Verification of point of entry and Ignition Lock operation, Mechanical and Electrical.
  • Verification, dismantling and photography of ignition, door and boot locks to confirm or refute forced entry claims; or appointment of a forensic locksmith.  

Vehicle diagnostic scan to ascertain the immobiliser status

This is used on vehicles that have lockdown facility to prohibit starting and carjacking without the keys present.

Fluid extraction and sampling.

A method used when a vehicle is recovered after theft especially if it is burnt out. Sampling and independent testing of the engine, Transmission, Differentials oils and coolant can confirm abnormal particulate samples of components that have failed. This is a very precise way to confirm faults especially if service history records indicate faults before a theft.

Full mechanical safety inspection.

As an Authorised RTA motor vehicle examiner, this allows us to legally inspect the road worthiness of a motor vehicle.

This can be a very crucial item of interest on MVA claims if the vehicle is deemed as un-roadworthy or has extensive modifications that may have contributed to the MVA.

We have been involved in providing these services for a number of prominent Insurance Companies for a number of years.

The internal investigation teams from a number of insurance companies have requested our assistance on numerous motor vehicle thefts, fire and accident matters to help them clarify the events at hand.

We have extensive experience in factory immobiliser systems due to our involvement with the insurance industry and our previous factory and industry specific training.

Due to factory specific dealership background, we have ongoing access to relevant industry information required through industry contacts to further our education and awareness of such matters as Motor vehicle theft and motor vehicle faults that are usually kept secret by manufacturers.