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Covert evidence gathering of fraudulent and deceitful activity by means of undercover operations and mobile surveillance is one of Amvi’s specialties.  There is no stronger evidence than capturing a deceitful act or event as it unfolds in the eyes of the camera and presenting it to our clients to use in court as evidence.


At AMVI we utilise state of the art equipment and techniques to obtain evidence for whatever our client’s require. To date, surveillance has been the most effective solution to obtain irrefutable evidence or intelligence for a variety of matters

The team of highly trained and certified Private Investigators at AMVI work discretely to provide your organisation with video, photographic and factual evidence that can be used in court to uphold or defend your case. We regularly conduct surveillance for matters relating to insurance fraud, work activities, injury claims, family law, child support, infidelity, child safety, teenage activity and ex-partners.

Covert video and photographic evidence will be taken where possible, with regular updates provided to you at key points during the investigation. A DVD containing all video and photographic evidence will be provided to you at the completion of the investigation along with a detailed report outlining what has been observed during your surveillance program.