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At AMVI our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible, working together towards achieving professional cost-effective results in a timely manner.

We are able to achieve such results with our motivated, experienced, and ethical investigation team.  Together our diverse group is comprised of talented people with Insurance, Police, Corrective service, Military, legal, management and trades backgrounds putting us in a position to attend to any facet of the Investigation sector armed with the right knowledge to achieve a bona fide result.

Regardless of the type, nature, complexity or exposure of a claim, we are qualified to handle every facet of the investigation. Our factual and surveillance investigators strive to confirm the validity of a claim and the circumstances surrounding causation,  liability and indemnity in respect to the claim or accusation brought forward within a matter.

Our proven methodologies and systematic approach cover highly contestable claims, basic and complex investigations. We help assist insurers to reduce unnecessary losses due to fraudulent claim activity or inflated claim losses.

All AMVI investigators are highly trained and remain totally objective in their investigations. In severe cases or if we uncover inconsistencies or, fraudulent activity, we are well versed in the appropriate actions required to follow through and report such matters as is required by our clients in retrospect to State and Federal laws.

Do you need to know the facts about a fire, workers compensation accident claim, a motor vehicle theft, a home burglary, motor vehicle accident or any other situation?

Do you need to locate witnesses and obtain comprehensive statements to know precisely what happened, when and where it happened, and most importantly - who is liable?

Then please give AMVI a call, use our contact page or send us an email and we are always happy to discuss your requirements without obligation.