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At AMVI we conduct investigations with the aim of providing accurate information and recommendations based on sound judgement and analysis of the facts. Public and private organisations at times may require independent assistance to obtain information in order to make decisions and reduce risk.

AMVI assists corporations, insurance entities, government organisations and law firms in identifying, responding to and mitigating risk through a comprehensive and integrated suite of Investigation Solutions. Our commitment at AMVI is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive information that is legally obtainable or available to make informed decisions.

Insurance investigators play an important role for insurance companies and employers. Insurance Investigators spend their time conducting more in-depth interviews and oftentimes, they'll set up surveillance to more closely monitor those involved in the insurance claim. We take great pride in being a trusted partner and advisor to our clients, delivering measurable and professional results in the shortest possible timeframe, while minimising your financial losses and increasing our client’s profits.